We, Prairie Architects Inc., are passionate about cultivating rich environments and communities in which we all live, work and play. The authenticity of our commitment is demonstrated by the values embedded in our past 25 years of work as well as our practice toward increasingly sensitive designs. As leaders in green design, we work together with you to build these healthy places. We are approachable, respectful, responsible, and innovative.  Diverse skills, coupled with community involvement, allow us to provide excellence in the experience and delivery of architecture.

We work in a flexible environment that follows a collaborative design studio model. We respect and value the diversity of backgrounds that make up our office.  Shared knowledge is fostered through mentoring, peer-to-peer education, and professional development. We consistently achieve quality through research, creativity, attention to detail and continuity.

Prairie Architects Inc. provides user groups, individual clients, and communities with an integrated role in the design process. Our work, inspired by strong roots in the Prairie landscape and cultures, reflects the diverse multicultural heritage of our place.  We work at forging a new paradigm for the future, with spaces that enrich the human experience through both an enjoyment of place and a promise of animated urban life. We understand architecture as something that is inherently tied to the concept of sustainability: the social, ecological, and economic well being of communities. Therefore, we practice an architecture that strives to replenish the land, water, air, and energy, which it borrows with the clear expectation of extending these resources to future generations.