energy simulation

Building simulation tools are used to evaluate designs for energy efficiency. Prairie has fully integrated simulation techniques into its design process. These efforts have resulted in series of remarkably efficient buildings averaging below the USGBC Gold and Platinum buildings. This technique is most effectively used as part of an Integrated Design Process to ensure resources are allocated in an optimal fashion. Our modellers will join the team early in the design process and help provide input throughout the design, which maximizes the environmental and economic benefits of energy modelling for the project. For each project we undertake, Prairie evaluates a range of HVAC systems and energy sources over the lifecycle of the building. Feedback from this evaluation ensures an informed decision can be made.

Our in house Sustainable Buildings group includes two energy modellers.  They are involved with all Prairie projects but are also available to other firms seeking these services. For projects that have completed design and are requiring a verification model for LEED certification our team can provide an energy model at any stage of design to meet the requirements of EAp2 Minimize Energy Performance as well as for EAc1 for Optimize Energy Performance.